Transformation 5


Transformation 5 has been sold, but I invite you to browse through the Transformations Gallery, as well as the other galleries, where you may find something similar that you like. Several other Transformation pieces are still available. Also, feel free to contact me regarding a commission, or other work that is not on the website.



Transformation 5 is one of an ongoing series that began several years ago somewhat by accident; if you want to find out more, you can read about it on this blog post. The nature-inspired forms in this piece are a bit more abstract than in some of my other works, which allows your imagination to relate to it on a personal level. While making this blue mixed media collage, I was guided by my own impressions of the primal forces of nature, and the unseen energies that are an interconnected part of everything in the universe. I was also inspired by my feelings about the wild forested land out in the country that my husband and I had recently purchased, which is surrounded on three sides by a beautiful stream of deep blue-green water. It’s a place that never fails to calm me and fill me with a sense of peace. The cool teal and blue tones, accented with the lighter gold shapes, creates a composition that seems to imply movement, such as that of flowing water. The single leaf provides a focal point or resting place for the eye. You may see something entirely different, and that’s wonderful, because art communicates with each of us individually, based on our own experiences, beliefs, and deeper insights.

All of these shapes, colors, and natural forms are ‘words’ in the vocabulary of symbols I’ve developed as I sought to communicate my experience of the oneness of every thing in nature. Layers of transparent lightfast lithography inks are built up on sheets of Rives BFK 100% cotton printmaking paper, then pieces of these prints are cut out and fitted together to form new compositions. Other media, such as decorative papers, watercolor pencils, and crayons may be added. This piece will bring a sense of peace and relaxation to any room in your home or office.

Transformation 5 is mounted on archival black matboard and ‘floated’ behind an off-white mat. It is framed behind clear plexiglass in an antique-gold finished metal frame. See the included image for reference. If you would prefer to frame it yourself, please contact me.

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