Day into Night


This nature inspired print is another piece in what I call the Analogy series. It is a monotype (monoprint) with added media, which may include collage elements. This piece has been sold, but fine art prints of many sizes, with or without mats or frames, are available at my print-on-demand gallery.

  • Substrate: Rives BFK heavyweight 100% acid-free cotton paper
  • Size: 14.75 x 13 inches
  • Frame: 22.75 x 21 inches, metal, light gold finish
  • Matting/Mounting: Mounted on black archival mat board and ‘floated’ in off-white mat (see image above)



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This nature inspired print with mixed media is another piece in what I call the Analogy series, a body of work that is kind of a sub-series of Suchness. It is more narrowly focused on plant and leaf imagery than some of my other work, but still retains (I hope) that mystical feeling and sense of reverence for the earth.  Like the other works in that series, it is a monotype (monoprint) with added media, which may include colored pencil or crayons, acrylic ink, and various types of collage elements. I particularly like to use maps in these pieces, because of the similarities of form and line to the patterns in the leaves. Nature repeats the same patterns everywhere, on both the micro and macro scale, which I find pretty amazing. You can find out more about it here.

In Day Into Night, I draw on my years of memories of that magical in-between time when the stars begin to appear, but it’s not quite dark yet. Perhaps part of the sky is a dusky pink, and then the next time you look up, it’s a deep blue, and the moon is rising. For me it’s the feeling of transition in this piece that makes it work. The lines of the constellations connect with the veins of the leaves. All of nature is one, and at peace in this moment. I think this nature inspired artwork has a soothing effect; looking at the simple, yet complex shapes and how they fit together to form a unified whole is almost like a meditation. This nature inspired monotype with mixed media will add a sense of peace to your home or office. I hope you’ll consider inspiring your family and friends with this piece.


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