Moon Shadows


Moon Shadows has been sold, but I invite you to browse through the Suchness Galleryas well as the other galleries, where you may find something similar that you like. Also, feel free to contact me regarding a commission, or other work that is not yet on the website. I hope you will find the perfect work of art for your home or office.

Also, please note that high quality prints of this piece are available in several sizes.

Moon Shadows is a nature-inspired watercolor painting with mixed media. It started with a watercolor painting of a photo that I had taken of the forest, looking upward at the full moon. I then painted the two moths flying upwards, so that their wings connected, and the patterns on thier wings became the patterns of the moon's surface. With watercolor crayons and gold ink, I added more layers and lines to achieve a greater sense of depth. I like the mystical mood this painting creates, while at the same time conveying a relaxing sense of peace. I think the soft, muted colors add to that mood, and also would look perfect with many types of decor. I hope you can find a place for it in your home or office.

This nature-inspired watercolor painting is based on the message that lies at the foundation of all my work - that everything is part of an interconnected universe, and that nature is sacred. Most of the media I use are transparent, to allow the underlying layers to show through.  As the layers build, this creates a certain degree of abstraction, even though real objects may be depicted.  The resulting blending and unity of images is an objective in conveying the content of my work. The moths seem to merge with the trees and with each other as they fly upward towards the full moon, creating a delicate tracery of lines and shapes where they meet. The moon is often symbolic of transitions, and of the cycles of change in nature and in our own lives. Moths and butterflies typically represent freedom, and also transformation, because of their metamorphic life cycle.


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