Analogy I


Do you enjoy being outdoors, walking or simply taking in the wild beauty of nature? In this monoprint with mixed media, I seek to capture that feeling. I hope you will want to bring it into your home or office to share that peace with friends and family.

  • Substrate: Rives BFK heavyweight 100% acid-free cotton paper
  • Size: 15 x 11.5 inches
  • Frame: 24 x 20.5 inches, metal, antique gold finish
  • Matting/Mounting: Mounted on black archival mat board and ‘floated’ in off-white mat (see image above)


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Do you enjoy being outdoors, walking or simply relaxing and taking in the beauty of wild, wooded areas? Does their beauty bring you a feeling of peace, or inspire you? In this monoprint with mixed media, I seek to capture something of that feeling. Much of my work has to do with the interconnection of all things, and my deep belief in the sacred nature of our earth. The forest is a place where I’ve always felt at home. Since I was a child, my favorite thing to do was to wander through the woods, spending hours climbing trees or playing in the creek. It seemed like a magical place, and still does even now. Though I couldn't put it into words, I became aware that nature is full of intricate patterns, such as the veins in a leaf. Later I began to notice that many of nature's patterns are strikingly similar to one another. This idea is suggested by the similarities between the details of the leaves and the shapes on the map. The interlocking forms and lines emphasize the idea of the interconnection of all things.

My process for a monoprint with mixed media involves many steps. The heavyweight 100% cotton paper is laid on a plexiglass plate which has been inked, and passed through a hand-operated etching press several times, building up layers of colors and forms (some including leaves or other materials) on the paper. When dry, other materials are added, sometimes including collage elements - in this instance, part of an old map. I love to create a sense of transparency and intermingling of shapes and lines in the composition, allowing the details of the leaves to create a map-like effect. For more details about monoprints/monotypes, see this post.

The subtle colors and simple yet complex shapes make this monoprint with mixed media captivating to look at again and again, and compatible with almost any style of decor.



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