The Traveler’s Tale: As the Crow Flies


This piece has been sold, but I hope you will browse the galleries, where you may find another piece you like. The Traveler’s Tale: Once Upon a Time is still available. Please feel free to contact me about commissions, or to see other work which may not yet be on the site.

Also, please note that prints of this piece are available in several sizes at my ArtPal Gallery.


The Traveler’s Tale: As the Crow Flies is a mixed media painting made with acrylic ink, vintage maps, an ink jet print, cut-outs, and watercolor pencils. The figure is cut from two different maps; the water she walks through is an ink-jet print of one of my altered photos of a lake. The sky comes from a painting I did using acrylic inks in a watercolor technique. The green/yellow shapes are from another old map, and to carry the map theme a little further, I added a compass rose. I started this series, which I called The Traveler’s Tale, with the expectation that I would do several large, mixed media pieces relating to the various stages of life. Life’s journey, I guess you could call it, with its many chapters. And of course, since it’s about a journey, maps would play a big part in these pieces. ¬†As of now, the series has only four pieces. Each one was so involved, and took so much time to execute, that I just kind of moved on to other things. I’m unsure as to whether The Traveler’s Tale will continue; I may go back to it eventually.

This mixed media painting is about beginning the journey. It creates a mood, rather than tells a specific story. You, as the viewer, are free to interpret it in your own way, based on your own experiences. Perhaps she knows that she has to go through deeper water to reach her destination – or she may not know what that destination is. She seems determined, yet somewhat unprepared, wondering, questioning. The mood is cloudy, but there is also light breaking through in the distance. That’s life, though – full of so many possibilities. She may be going toward the ships, to sail through the next part of her journey, guided by the flock of birds in the sky. Who knows?

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