Flight Path


This piece has been sold, but I hope you will browse the galleries, where you may find another piece you like. Please feel free to contact me about commissions, or to see other work which may not yet be on the site.


  • Substrate: vintage book cover
  • Size: 14.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Frame: none
  • Matting/Mounting: none


I really enjoyed making this vintage map collage, tucking in little symbols and surprises throughout the composition. There is a piece of a vintage map in this one, but the map directly behind the little girl is different. It was a page from an old book that gave me the idea for the piece. It had some lines and discolorations on it that reminded me of a map, so I decided to turn it into one. It was fun to stitch the rivers and lakes, and mark the cities with brads or other little metal bits. I glued on a vintage postcard from India, part of a ledger page from 1891, and some beautiful old stamps. Then I added some turquoise swirl decorative paper down at the bottom, and pieces of vintage lace along with a satin ribbon. After I finished the images of the little girl and the plants, I made a wing for her from another piece of lace. Then came the real fun - I may have gone a little overboard with all the metal embellishments. I made a compass rose with brads, a metal washer, and a little arrow that actually turns. The old keyhole was already painted the right color, and the little angel is made from a milagro (a religious folk charm), with tiny lace wings. And of course, last but not least, the stitched line that indicates the flight path. Where it goes and why is up to you.

Flight Path is a vintage map collage with many meaningful  and creative details. That's the wonderful thing about art - you get to create your own world. It's like being a kid again in some ways. I used to draw and cut out paper figures of princesses, knights, and dragons, making up stories about them and acting them out. In many ways, I'm doing the same thing, except that now, you get to imagine what it's about. Or, you may just enjoy the images for the beauty they bring to your home.


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