Ephemeral II


Ephemeral II has been sold, but I invite you to browse through the Collage and Book Arts Gallery, as well as the other galleries, where you may find something similar that you like.  Also, feel free to contact me regarding a commission, or ask about other work that is not on the website.

Ephemeral II is a story. This vintage leather book cover collage is the story of all of us.  It's the story of our ancestors and the lives they led, and what they've given us, whether we know it or not. Google defines ephemeral as "lasting only a short time; transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief." My first husband's hobby was geneology research, and he discovered some fascinating things about my family. But their day-to-day lives, their hopes and dreams, remain a mystery.

I loved the warm golden-brown color and aged look of this book cover. So I knew I didn't want to cover it up, but would allow it to function as a visual part of the piece. I centered the composition on a cabinet card photo of a young woman. To me, she represents anyone's great-great-grandmother. Pieces of old lace were glued on, and some antique mother-of-pearl buttons. On the left side, I constructed a pocket from a vintage textile, and tucked in an old postcard, a feather, and a pearl-headed pin. I added some other ephemera, and some beautiful maroon-colored leaves. On the right side, I painted a bird skeleton, one of my own personal symbols. Though the bird is no longer alive, it is still flying, suggesting a soul or spirit that lives on.

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