Angel of the Storm


This piece has been sold, but I hope you will browse the galleries, where you may find another piece you like.  Angel of the Flame is still available. Please feel free to contact me about commissions, or to see other work which may not yet be on the site.

Also, please note that prints of this painting are available in several sizes.


My belief in the oneness of everything in the universe and my fascination with nature are the primary inspirations for my work.. This spiritual monoprint painting is a reflection of those influences. Humans have always personified the forces of nature, going as far back into prehistory as we know. Not having the scientific knowledge to understand these natural forces, which they called the 'elements', they were often thought of as spiritual or supernatural beings, such as gods, goddesses, angels, and demons. Many people who practice nature-based religions still find meaning in connecting to the powers of nature in this way. You don't have to believe in angels to enjoy Angel of the Storm, a beautiful work of surrealism/ fantasy art that reminds us of the sacredness of nature. Who hasn't felt the elemental power of a summer storm? There's just something about it that touches me deeply. I feel I'm successful if the viewer can look at the piece over and over, and continue to find something new or beautiful in it.

Angel of the Storm is a mixed media monoprint painting I created by adding various media to a monoprint. A monoprint is an original, one-off print made by putting printing inks on a smooth surface and then transferring it onto heavy-weight 100% cotton printmaking paper, using an etching press (hand-powered). I build up many layers of transparent ink to achieve a rich, brilliant image. Each piece is passed through the press many times, until I feel that I can expand it into a finished piece. There is no permanent plate, so the image cannot be repeated. After the ink dried, I drew and painted the angelic figure with acrylic ink and watercolor pencils. I love the variety of beautiful colors and luminosity that result from this process. I hope you will, too.


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