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I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic.  Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness.                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Alan Moore

What’s the Problem?

What’s the Problem?

10JANUARY, 2021Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, mixed media collage, 5.5 x 6 inches         Art Marketing  "I'm aiming for the emotional honesty of Van Gogh and the promotional skills of Coca-Cola!"       ~ Dion Archibald  Almost four years ago, I finally...

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Begin Again

Begin Again

Kalachakra Matrix, monotype with mixed media21DECEMBER, 2020  "And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down We're captive on the carousel of time We can't return, we can only look Behind, from where we came And go round and round...

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The Art of Collage, part 2

The Art of Collage, part 2

Question, hand-cut collage, 5 x 8.5 inches22SEPTEMBER, 2020"I suspect many artists find it alluring for not only its immediacy but its unique and inherent nature to reinvent the familiar into something mysteriously new. Collage also has a long history of integrating...

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