making decisions angel of the crossroads collage sharmon davidson

Angel of the Crossroads, hand-cut collage with mixed media, 14 x 14 in


AUGUST, 2022

“He that has a choice has trouble.”    *Dutch Proverb


“It is difficult to make the right choice if you fear choosing wrongly.”

Roy T. Bennett.

Decisions, Decisions

As an artist, I feel like I’m always at a crossroads. Each piece I make sparks new ideas, which then spark more new ideas, and so on… My question is, how do I decide which road to follow?

Clearly, there isn’t time to follow up on every idea. So, I have to decide which ones are most likely to pan out, to lead me further into the development of my authentic voice. Since I don’t have the ability to see into the future, I have to trust my intuition.

Simple, right? Sure, unless you fear making the wrong decision. Unless you don’t always have confidence in your own judgement, unless you’ve made choices in the past that you now regret… in other words, unless you’re human.


“We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs.”   – Ernest Hemingway.


Crossroads Symbolism

Like many artists, the things I’m trying to process in my own life often come out in my work. Case in point is Angel of the Crossroads, above. I guess I was wishing for some help, an angel who would tell me which track to take, so I wouldn’t have to decide for myself.
No doubt everyone understands what’s meant by the common idiom, “at a crossroads”.  Here’s the first definition I found:
(noun)  a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made
It’s interesting to note that throughout history and across widely various cultures, crossroads have usually had a scary, mysterious or mystical connotation. (Maybe making decisions has always scared people as much as it scares me!)
making decisions contry crossroads in july charles burchfield

Country Crossroads in July, Charles Burchfield

making decisions the three fates from the sandman episode 2

The Three Fates, from The Sandman, episode 2

making decisions the crossroads a liminal setting for occult and supernatural activities

Promotional still from “Crossroads”, Creative Commons

Legends and Lore

Perhaps the most famous crossroads legend in recent times is that of blues guitarist Robert Johnson (1911-1938). He is said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his sudden amazing mastery of the guitar. A 1986 film (referenced above) tells his story.

In many native North and South American cultures, crossroads were seen as sacred places of great spiritual power. They were liminal spaces, doorways to hidden supernatural realms. In Celtic, Greek, Mayan, and African religions (just to name a few), they were thought to be guarded or inhabited by special spirits or dieties. Some of the dieties were helpful, while others were tricksters, seeking to confuse travelers who were trying to find their way.

“Crossroads always signify choice. Choices can be scary, but they are also liberating. The funny thing about crossroads is they represent both all things unknown and 100% pure potential.”  ~Avia

Coincidentally, I was watching the new Netflix series The Sandman last night, when crossroads lore happened to figure prominently in the plot. Morpheus, the god of dreams, has been imprisoned, and his tools stolen from him. Finally free, he goes to the crossroads to seek help in finding them from Hecate, the triple goddess also known as the three Fates. I couldn’t find a picture of the crossroads, but I did find a still of Hecate, and she’s plenty scary!

“When you’re on the crossroads and gone down the wrong path in life, there’s no harm in turning around and walking the other way.”     ~ unknown

Second Guessing

I’ve written more than once before about recycling, refurbishing, or reworking old artwork. If I don’t think a piece is good enough to put it up for sale, I consider it fair game for reworking. Fly Away, three versions shown here, is an example of this.
Most of the time, I feel like the piece has been improved. Big life decisions, however, once made can’t always be  re-made. Or if they can, there’s a huge price to pay. Luckily, with artwork, the consequences of changing your mind aren’t usually that dire.
making decisions fly away v2 collage sharmon davidson

Fly Away v2

So, is there a way to insure that you’re making the best decisions?  In all honesty, I don’t think we can ever be completely sure. All we can do is make our best guess based on a combination of the available information and our own intuition. I think it’s also crucial to avoid the idea that there’s only one right choice.

making decisions fly away v1 collage sharmon davidson

Fly Away v1

“When you are standing at a crossroads in your life, realize that the greatest block that you can put in front of your Self is the idea that there is a right choice.”   ~ Story Waters

making decisions flay away v3 collage sharmon davidson

Fly Away v3

making decisions contemplation of consequence collage sharmon davidson

Contemplation of Consequence

And if you do make a choice that doesn’t work out, you’ll hopefully learn something from it that will make the next one easier. The most important thing is not to let fear paralyze you into taking the safe, familiar road.

That’s it for now, but I have more new finished work to share, and I’ll be sure to show you what new roads I decide to go down. I hope you’ll journey with me.

In the meantime, I wish you peace, love, and art…


  1. Marcia Lindenschmidt

    Angel of the Crossroads is wonderful. And I am so glad she was around today!!

  2. Mike Wiseman

    I love the birdseye perspective combined with the frame that places have meaning and power that we intuit through our where we are at any given moment.

    • Sharmon Davidson

      Hi Mike, thanks for visiting! Places do have meaning and power, in reality as well as metaphor, but we don’t often think about that, I think. Glad you like it!


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Moon Shadows by Sharmon Davidson

Fine Art Prints Available at ArtPal

Let me Know by Sharmon Davidson

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Earth Goddess by Sharmon Davidson

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