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sharmon davidson

        spiritual art inspired by nature

Welcome to my world.

My earliest memories are of a preoccupation with careful examination of the world around me, and with making marks on paper to represent what I saw. These two impulses are what drive me still, and are the genesis of my true adventure – finding out, and communicating through line and color what cannot be expressed in words. It seems important to me to spend time staring at the sky, to put my hands in the earth, to watch things grow. It’s important to read books. I have always been terrible at categorizing things, because the more closely I looked, the less able I was to discern where one thing started and another left off. The vocabulary of symbols I use in my work has developed as I sought to express my deep belief in the unity and connectedness of every thing in the universe. I want to express my experience of this mystery as honestly and authentically as I can.


All possible care has been taken to ensure the archival quality of these pieces, including framing materials.  Non-archival collage materials have been sealed in acrylic gel to preserve them. Heavy-weight Rives BFK cotton, acid-free printmaking paper or acid-free multi-media board has been used as the substrate unless otherwise noted. Inks, paint, and other media have a high degree of lightfastness. Framed pieces are mounted on 100% cotton rag black matboard and “floated” in an off-white mat. Collages on vintage book covers are wired on the back to hang without a frame, but may be framed in a “shadowbox” type frame by the purchaser if desired.