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We’re all looking for that “something special” that enhances the beauty and sets the mood of our homes. We want the atmosphere of our most important living spaces to convey a sense of who we are, and to put visitors at ease. Nothing does this like original art.
I’m happy to be able to share with you some photos of my work in collectors’ homes. When considering a purchase, it’s always helpful to be able to visualize how this affordable original art could enhance your home or office. Collectors were also kind enough to share some of their thoughts about living with the artwork.


“Sharmon Davidson’s work makes each of my rooms into its own artpiece. There are plenty of small interesting things in my house, but her work pulls each room all together.”

– Mishlen Lindenschmidt, New Orleans, LA

Blood Moon in the home of Louis and Mishlen Lindenschmidt


art at home earth goddess on customer's wall above mantle

Earth Goddess looking lovely above the mantle in the Lindenschmidts’ living room.




Several pieces of my art have also found a home with Wesley and Caitlin Needham.

affordable original art galactic mandala framed teal galaxy design

affordable original art map I and map II abstract collages on wall













Galactic Mandala in the dining room

Map I and Map II in the foyer


afforadable original art ocean wave painting in customer's home

                                                                                  Wave painting above the mantle


affordable original art wave painting on wall



















above: Even Yet in the home of Steven Clark

below: Summer Sweetness

“For nearly twenty years I worked as an independent curator.  My job consisted of creating, installing and managing art exhibits in my clients’ public spaces that would typically change on a quarterly basis.  Therefore, it was essential I find new artists and different styles and media of pieces to exhibit in order to bring a fresh and unique feel to each show.  Unfortunately, it was late in my career when I had the good fortune to be introduced to the artwork of Sharmon Davidson.

Ms. Davidson works in a range of media, including collage, mixed media, several types of printmaking and painting.  Her style, while eclectic, is personal, intuitive and subtle yet somehow manages to be bold and outspoken.  It’s as if there is a message encoded into the many images and forms that is waiting to be translated by the viewer.  Her use of color and strong sense of design work to arrange and frame each piece much in the same way the staff (or lines) holds notes on sheet music, thus giving the viewer a sense of order and intent.

It is not surprising, therefore, that there are several of Ms. Davidson’s small collages on view in my home.  I am always intrigued by the arrangement of images and shapes, nor do I tire of attempting to interpret these pieces.  They add an element of delight and interest to the other works on display much as her work did when I showed it in my clients’ spaces.  I’m sure they would bring the same qualities to anyone’s collection, large or small.”

Steven Clark, former independent curator for:

KZF Design, Inc.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

Media Bridges

Global Lead Management Consulting, Inc.


right: The Traveler’s Tale: As the Crow Flies in the home of Colin Reusch and Lindsey Cross. Even their border collie, Ladybird, enjoys hanging out with the art!

below: Landscape II, beside their door.

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