mystical mixed media inspired by nature

Welcome to My World

My earliest memories are of a preoccupation with careful examination of the world around me, and with making marks on paper to represent whatever I saw or imagined. As a child, I drew and cut out my own paper princesses, knights, horses, and dragons. I made ‘people’ out of natural materials such as sticks and apples, clothing them with flowers and housing them in villages of moss and clay.

My passions for nature and for creating are at the core of who I am, and are the source of my mystical mixed media adventure, communicating through line and color what cannot be expressed in words. The vocabulary of symbols I use in my work has developed as I sought to express my deep belief in the unity and connectedness of every thing in the universe.

Recently I decided that I want to focus on sharing my work with as many people as possible. Art is a form of communication, and my message of interconnection is more important in today’s world than ever. Art can inspire, create a mood, enhance your living space, and add beauty to your life. I hope you will enjoy the work enough to add one of these pieces to your home or office.


Mixed Media Art Galleries 

All possible care has been taken to ensure the archival quality of these mystical mixed media artworks, including framing materials.  Non-archival and vintage collage materials have been sealed in acrylic gel to preserve them. Heavy-weight Rives BFK cotton, acid-free printmaking paper or acid-free multimedia artboard has been used as the substrate unless otherwise noted. Inks, paint, and other media have a high degree of lightfastness. Framed pieces are mounted on 100% cotton matboard and “floated” in an off-white mat. Collages on vintage book covers are wired on the back to hang without a frame, but may be framed in a “shadowbox” type frame by the purchaser if desired.

link to Transformations Collection mystical mixed media planets in space sharmon davidson


This ongoing series consists of 7 x 7 inch monoprint collages.  They are the result of combining parts of colorful monoprints to form entirely new compositions. While some are more abstract than others, each one uses forms from nature, such as plants, seeds, landscapes, and space imagery as personal symbols. They are combined and overlapped to make pieces which express the ever-changing cycles of nature.

link to mystical mixed media gallery Suchness winged figure with maps teal blue sharmon davidson

Collage & Book Arts

This gallery contains primarily larger collages, including many using antique book covers as substrates. I like to recycle vintage ephemera that might be thrown away, giving it a new life in my art. These pieces incorporate a wide variety of materials, including book pages, old maps, letters and postcards, mica, found objects, stitching, and more. Wired on the back for hanging, or may be displayed in a deep profile frame.

colorful mystical mixed media painting plant seed roots with kalachakra symbol sharmon davidson


These works are multi-layer monoprints (one-of-a-kind, hand-pulled prints) on heavy weight Rives BFK printmaking paper. They are then embellished with additional layers of mixed media, including inks, paint, watercolor crayons and pencils. “Suchness” in the East Asian Mahayana tradition is seen as representing the basic reality and can be used to terminate the use of words. It is the communication, through visual images, of the oneness of all things.

mystical mixed media paper collage indestructible truth abstract vintage ephemera 6 x 6

Small Collages

This series consists of small collages and mixed media pieces. Materials include vintage book pages, maps, and other recycled ephemera, as well as magazine cut-outs, image transfers, and hand drawing or painting. Some may also include stitching. Sizes are variable, with the smallest being 3 x 5 inches and the largest about 6 x 9 inches. The substrate for most of these is multimedia artboard, an archival, acid-free material which is only 1/32 of an inch thick, but is extremely strong and warp-proof, and suitable for framing.

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